Samples of visual/ graphic design work




Wireframes in grayscale, with color added only when critical to the usability or logic, is the bulk of the visual work I've done, mostly in Illustrator, so my design approach high fidelity (they can be thought of as medium fidelity).  I've also used InVision, InDesign, Axure, Sketch, hand drawings and more.

I credit my understanding of what makes good visual design somewhat to my undergraduate training in graphic design, but especially to my partnering with some of the best art and creative directors in the world at various agencies and firms over many years.

This page shows some of my comps, diagrams, cover art, and other high-fidelity work. On the fine art side, my photography has been featured in exhibitions and an international travel magazine. I also enjoy figure drawing and sculpture.



Systems diagram - Illustrator (zoomed in to show detail)

Cover art for film DVD


Graphic design work for my film, Life At Bay - Photoshop (photo of actual paper cover). I also designed all the titles, effects, and key art for my film.

Wireless Generation

From a design specification created for development pricing estimate (for off-shore dev team in Ukraine). I designed (and annotated) the comps on the right in Photoshop, updating the UI from the previous design on the left, based on the most current guidelines and design library.


Various diagrammatic service guides - Illustrator